Five Ways to Make a Hot Day Cool

24 Jul

It comes as no surprise when I say a heat wave has definitely been taking over this summer. Even in places that are relatively cool, temperatures have spiked into the hundreds leaving people sitting in their air-conditioned homes. But even if it is melting temperature outside, you don’t have to waste the day. Here are some ways to have a blast when it feels like the sun is doing just that outside:

Water Balloon Wars- You don’t have to be eight years old to enjoy this. Round up your closest friends or better yet, people you can’t tolerate, and beam those balloons with all the force you can muster. This way, you’ll be cool and have a good anger management technique. It’s a win-win situation.

Bobbing for Fruit- Who doesn’t like fruit? Sticking your head in a bucket full of water and trying to grab fruit with your mouth is definitely a fun thing to do in the summer. Make sure the people you’re doing it with aren’t sick though and that you have someone to pour the leftover tub of water on when you’re done.  And if you don’t like fruit, stick wrapped candy bars in there. It’ll be too hot to care about calories anyways.

Bake a Cookie- Cookies. The eighth wonder of the world.  When it’s hot, put some cookie dough on aluminum foil and stick it on the hood of your car. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a nice snack and some bragging rights.

Party Party- Go to your nearest neighborhood beach and get your friends to come along. Get a kiddie pool and fill it up with water and play with some jellyfish. Turn up some tunes and let all your cares melt away.

Play in the Sprinkler- Not only does this cool you down, but you can show off your bikini body and have an excuse to do so. In severe/desperate occasions, play in your local public fountain or get a hose and spray it directly in your face.


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