A Teen’s First Drive

17 Jul

Adults always complain about having to drive but, for a teenager, driving is a milestone-walk on the moon. This past week, you could find me with a drivers manual in my hand and then DMV app on my phone. Yes, I got my permit today. Of course, like most teenagers, I had a little bit of a panic attack before taking my test. Especially when the girl in front of me failed and I had to go take the exact same test. But luckily, I passed. The ride back however, was not as easy. I was in downtown about twenty five minutes away from my suburban house.  Lucky for me, my parents trust me and decided to let me drive home. I thought “Well, at this point… I could kill my whole family. But I’ve driven around the block before. How hard could it be?” It’s not as fun or easy when you’re going the speed limit and there is a person on your tail honking their horn. Let me tell you, my heart never pounded that hard or fast as it did  when I was driving. Well, maybe when I was trying to get One Direction tickets but it’s a close one.  But let me assure you, I was not the one freaking out. My dad next to me kept telling me one thing like “you’re going into the other lane” when I heard “go into the other lane” which ended in a panic attack and a switch in drivers. I drove a little when we were closer to the house but I knew where I was going so I didn’t have nearly as many heart attacks. No matter how scary it was, driving for a teenager is one of the best experiences they have. Cliché but true. Now all I want to do is drive and not go over 20 mph. But my parents will force me to go the speed limit, hooray. Overall though, my first frightening drive will definitely be one I won’t forget!


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