Five Great Summer Reads

16 Jul

Whether you’re at the beach or just relaxing at home after a hard day of work, a good book can put you at total peace and serenity. These five different books are ones that have memorable plots with unexpected twists and are great to read on a rainy day. So pick up one of these books and lose yourself in a world that’s not your own: (These are not in any particular order)

1. Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson- This book is a wonderful story about the relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter as well as a beautiful love story. It’s filled with hope and heartache and will urge you to turn to the person next to you and tell them that you love them. This story may cause a few tears to run down your face but in the end, it will warm your heart and make sure you never take anyone you love for granted again.

2. The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold- The Lovely Bones has already been made into a very successful movie so you may know what the plot is about. But like all good books, the movie doesn’t hold a candle to what the true story holds. This book revolves around a teenage girl’s rape and death and the life of her family after as Susie looks down on them. This book is very intricate, and at times very depressing. It shows you how fragile a family can be when tragedy strikes but like Sam’s Letters to Jennifer, it will warm your heart and make you want to hold your family as tight as you can.

3. The Host by Stephenie Meyer- We all may know Stephenie Meyer as the author of the wildly popular Twilight series that has grasped the minds of teenage girls around the world. However, The Host is nothing like Twilight. This book is geared more towards an adult audience and the story is absolutely incredible. This book is about the Earth in the future and the new species that have taken it over to create an absolute utopia. Humans are hosts for these creatures called “souls”. But one human, whom the story is revolved around, refuses to let the soul take over her body and stays present in the mind of the body that used to be her own. The two paired together in the same mind and body venture on a journey where they find the last remains of human resistance and the man whom they both love. This book is 619 pages so the plot has a lot of detail in it. But it is a book that will truly reach into the depths of your own mind. It’s a story full of mystery and fear and love. It’s a story that you’ll never want to put down.

4. The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult- Like the Lovely Bones, this book also revolves around the rape of  a teenage girl. This book focuses on the relationship between a father and his daughter and how a girl’s life can be shattered by this one act. The father in this book will do anything to protect his daughter and keep her safe. I love this book because it’s a story that you won’t want to put down. The twists, suspense and love in this book will take your breath away.

5. 1st to Die by James Patterson- This book is the first of the “Women’s Murder Club” series which revolves around the riveting and chilling murder mystery. This book takes you on a journey to solve this complicated and powerful crime through four powerful women who are all friends. One is a homicide inspector whom the book mainly follows, another is a medical examiner, the third is an assistant D.A., and the last is a reporter. This is definitely a book for those who like suspense and mystery that is definitely a James Patterson, in which you can’t stop turning the pages.


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