The Versatile Necklace: Wear With Any Outfit!

15 Jul

Necklaces can either make the outfit or break the outfit. In some cases, they are key to an ensemble. But why pay loads of cash for several necklaces when you could wear one with almost any outfit? Yesterday, I went shopping at Forever21 and I found a necklace that can truly go with basically any outfit. The necklace is white and chunky and although it may not seem like it could go with any look, it’s pretty versatile! The white color goes with anything and the way it is designed it can be used with a rocker-chic look, a pretty dress, or a preppy ensemble as you can see in these pictures (Please excuse the quality and the Relay for Life wristbands! It was very late and I was very tired.) The way it’s designed and the stones 0are arranged allows it to range from casual to fancy. Wearing it with “a little black dress” to a party or dance, or even work, will make it seem like it came with the outfit. This necklace is adjustable so you can set it higher or lower on your neck depending on the neckline of your outfit. The only thing I slightly dislike about it however is that the chain is gold and I’m more of a silver girl because I believe it’s more versatile and doesn’t clash with belt buckles on an outfit. But surprisingly, with all the outfits I wore it with, the gold wasn’t overbearing or flashy in the slightest. The necklace itself cost about $10 which I think is a good price compared to what you would pay for in other stores for that exact same design. Because the necklace is so bold, I wouldn’t recommend wearing any other jewelry unless it was simple such as stud earrings or a bracelet that doesn’t have much going on. To get this necklace or any of these outfits, step into online paradise here for a great price!


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