Tone Your Legs While Working and Doing Your Everyday Chores

14 Jul

Multitasking doesn’t always work for everyone. And finding the time to hit the gym to get that fit, toned, swimsuit body can be impossible! But luckily, there is a solution for those people who have so much to do around the house in so little time:leg weights! Leg weights are perfect for those people on a tight time schedule but still want to look good for vacation. They usually come in the 1-5 lb range and, depending on the type and brand, can be strapped around your thigh or ankle so you’ll be toning your muscles just by walking! The slimmer ones can even be worn under pants so you can use them at work without anyone noticing them. The price range for these of course varies, but they are usually in the range of $20-40 if you’re not buying the arm weights along with the leg weights. Although leg weights are a great technique to get things done and look great at the same time, using them too much can cause issues such as knee problems, straining of the ligaments, and a shortened gait. So, to be safe, start off with a light weight such as a 1/2 lb or 1 lb then gradually work your way up and certainly don’t wear them all day… Happy toning!


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