Body Image and the Teen Vogue Petition

13 Jul

Body image has become one of the biggest insecurities that teenagers and women, as well as men, of all shapes, sizes and ages have around the world. These insecurities, if not responded to can result in anorexia and bulimia which can destroy anyones life mentally and physically. Our insecurities can stem from the media around us and the power of photoshop.Beautiful, fit, digitally altered photos of men and women dawn the covers of issues like Vogue, Sports Illustrated, etc. These fake, unrealistic images can cause anyone to want to bury themselves in a turtleneck and sweatpants and hide through swimsuit season. Luckily though, because this issue is so important, people are stepping up! One breakthrough that has recently been paving the way for “real girl” images in magazines is the petition on that not only got Seventeen magazine to agree to no longer alter the bodies and faces of their models but is not trying to get Teen Vogue to follow their example. This petition currently has over 30,000 signatures of people everywhere trying to stop these magazines from destroying body images of people across the globe. With this amazing step, hopefully all magazines will follow the steps Seventeen made to ensure that their magazine is 100% real and all women can feel proud of their body, no matter what the size. Unfortunately, I am unable to insert the link into this post so to sign this petition copy and paste this into your browser and join the thousands of people fighting for a change!


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