Froyo vs Italian Ice

12 Jul

Froyo (other wise known as frozen yogurt) has become a booming commodity in the sweets world. Although the buzz is relatively new, italian ice is a cool classic. So on a hot summers day, should you head towards Menchies or take a drive to Ritas?  Well in placesthat sell froyo, the toppings are endless. You have fruit, chocolate, cake bites, etc. It’s like a buffet for your frozen yogurt! Italian ice usually doesn’t have that. A downside to froyo however is that some of the flavors just taste like custard and with some Italian ice shops, like a Rita’s, you can get custard on top of the ice. Pretty sweet right?  Personally, my method for choosing if I’m in the mood for both is to decide whether I want to eat inside or outside. Because if it’s summer, most likely it’s going to be hot outside which means you’ll be thirsty. And from my experience, italian ice is much more thirst quenching than froyo. But if they sell water along with their delicious calorie-filled treats, then hey. Power to you. However if you don’t want to splurge on calories and have a problem with self control, italian ice may be the better option because of the set sizes. In most frozen yogurt shops, you fill a large cup yourself. And it may be tempting to keep your hand on the lever until the whole cup is full which could cause a dent in your wallet and a bulge in your stomach. So truly, this wildly heated debate on frozen yogurt and italian ice includes various factors to consider. But one thing is for sure, both are absolutely delicious!

Sincerely, The Teenage Journal


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