Daniel Tosh- Rape Joke and Backlash

12 Jul

An Opinion

Daniel Tosh has been a big topic this week after he was interrupted at his show by a woman shouting that rape jokes aren’t funny. Afterwards, according to the woman, he replied asking the audience how funny it would be if she just got raped then and there by five guys. The woman then proceeded to run out of the show with her equally shocked friend.

Now, there’s a petition to get Tosh.0 off the air (Daniel Tosh’s show on Comedy Central in which he pokes fun at viral internet videos. Don’t get it confused with Rob Dydrek’s mediocre attempt to copy Tosh with his show Ridiculousness.) Each signature on the petition sends an email to the CEO of comedy central with the attempt to completely cancel Tosh.0 with no new episodes or reruns. This petition can be found on change.org and currently has over 19,000 signatures.

Now that the information is out of the way, here’s my perspective on the issue. I have been a fan of Daniel Tosh and Tosh.0 for a very long time and I know this issue is very controversial as it stems from feminism. I believe that the reason Tosh is so popular and has so many fans is BECAUSE he is so vulgar and offensive in his jokes. If he was not, he would just be another washed-up comedian that no one would watch. (Insert Rob Dydrek here).Which is why, I think this is ridiculous that he is getting so much heat now for doing what he’s always done. Granted, the woman didn’t know what she was getting herself into as she has stated when she went to the show. But this is not the first time he has made jokes about rape.

Of course, rape is a serious issue and I completely understand it. But so is drugs and underage drinking which destroy just as many lives as rape does. Have you seen the show Workaholics? Because if you have, the writers are basically doing the exact same thing Tosh is doing. Making fun of a serious issue for an audience. Of course it’s different because Workaholics is an actual television show with actors and such while Daniel Tosh is a comedian. But honestly, what can you do in life when you can’t laugh at the struggles and hardships in it?

My strongest opinion on this issue however can be tied to the “hear no evil” phrase. If you don’t want to hear offensive jokes, then don’t listen. Don’t go to his concerts. Refuse to know that he exists. Make it like he’s not even on this planet. That’s perfectly fine. But expecting Daniel Tosh to not do what he is paid to do is appalling. Taking a petition to it is even more so. Everyday I hear racist, anti-feminist jokes from adults, children, teens, etc. Does that mean I should take away their right to free speech? Does that mean they can only say this stuff in their own privacy? Why do we have the right to take Tosh.0 away from the viewers who like the show. You’re not only hurting Daniel Tosh, but Comedy Central as a whole. You don’t have to watch it. You don’t have to listen to it, so don’t. I think you’re lucky enough you got an apology out of him, as we all know Daniel Tosh does not apologize for anything.

And also, I don’t think the people who are so gun-ho about this issue and getting Tosh off the air realize that you’re just giving him the most publicity he could ever ask for. I’m 100% sure it has created much more traffic for Tosh.0 so the purpose is almost counteractive assuming the petition doesn’t work. And I’m also not so sure that the people against Tosh and his jokes realize that he has writers to help him write them. Like I said before, Tosh is PAID to make these jokes. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the writers and the people who pay him to do his job. It’s almost like me calling up your boss and complaining that you’re doing a good job and creating a lot of business and demand that you get fired. Because honestly, watching Tosh.0 and expecting him not to make vulgar jokes is like sticking your finger down your throat and expecting yourself not to throw up.

Sincerely, The Teenage Journal


2 Responses to “Daniel Tosh- Rape Joke and Backlash”

  1. gomeasy July 12, 2012 at 7:34 pm #

    it’s hard to get famous without making a few enemies. there will always be haters and they’re going to do what they do best: hate. but like having the right to free speech, i agree with you that they have the right to change the channel and they can just get over it.

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